Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#Sunflowers and #stuffies in #Southern #France

Bonjour mes amis.
My 7 year old daughter, Mini-Lili, has a stuffie called Nez Nez (pronounced neigh neigh, as in the sound a horse makes). Nez Nez has been a part of our family since the day she was born. He has had many hair cuts, several "boo-boos" which has resulted in emergency First Aid (Dora bandages) and has appeard in many, many family pictures. Mini-Lili's great aunt even makes him outfits for all occasions.
Nez Nez is a world traveller- Vancouver, Ottawa, Seattle, San Diego, Mexico, Spain and France several times. I have been told that France is his favourite holiday. He loves the sunflower fields, rubbing his nose in the lavendar fields, taste testing the many baguettes, visiting Parc Asterix, playing in the fountains, visiting markets and suntanning on the beach in the Mediterranean.
We found this field of sunflowers just north of Saussignac while we were en route to Bergerac to visit the Wednesday market. I think Nez Nez looks good with a sunflower halo. I love this photo for the compostion and colours.
Nez Nez is well loved and well taken care of. He is looking forward to his next trip to France.

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