Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Enjoying the #markets in #Southern #France

Enough can not be said (or written) about the markets in Southern France. My family has a love affair with markets. When we arrive to a new location, I search for all the local markets in the area and off we go to explore them.

Markets give us the chance to observe and participate in an experience that is French. In the markets, it is "real" people fulfilling "real" needs- buying food, clothing, household goods, book, plants, chickens, etc. One does not need to buy anything, you can just observe. But the draw of the fresh strawberry or tomato, the smell of the lavender or the call of the vendor to sample some delicious cheese will lure you into participating in the "market experience".

When I arrive at a market, I like to "do a lap". This allows me to see what the vendors are selling, what is the speciality of the area and to take note of where lines of customers are waiting since that is usually a good indication of some of the better vendors.

Remember to have cash (Euros) since you might be buying something out of a vendor's truck. Very few farmers will have machines to process your Visa or Mastercard!

Markets start early and usually end at noon of 1pm so do not delay in getting there.

The best part of the market for my family is to have a picnic after with all the produce, baked goodies and cheeses we have purchased. 

Bon App├ętit!!

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