Friday, August 30, 2013

Kid's Capture the Colour #KIDSCTC by Mini-Lili #France #travel

Mini-Lili is 8 years old and has been to France 6 times. She is familiar with Paris and the metro system. She is entertained by the musicians that board the trains and subway cars, especially the accordion players.
We were crossing over a bridge in Paris, when she spotted a train coming towards us. She captured this shot which she is submitting for the colour red.

The Living Museum of the Horse, which is a museum in Chantilly, France, is located 40km north of Paris. The museum is in the Château de Chantilly. Mini-Lili loves horses, so we went to see them and the show they perform for tourists. It is an amazing show with beautiful and talented horses. Mini-Lili took this picture as we were entering the stables. The photo makes one feel like they are in church; in the nave, with the stables almost like the aisles, looking towards the altar. This is her entry for white.

We drive around France... we drive a lot around France!! Mini-Lili likes to place the chosen stuffies (those who get to come out on the road trip and get their picture taken at various locations), on this day, it was NezNez and Pinkie. She placed them on the dashboard of the rental car for this day's driving. While sitting at a red light, she leaned around the passenger seat and took this picture. She captured green in various locations- the trees on the left and at the end of the street, the pharmacy's green crosses and the word Pharmacie over the entrance, the road signs and even the rental car sticker above Pinkie's head. This is a typical street in France's cities.

When one thinks of France they think of the Eiffel Tower, good baguettes, cheese, wine, lavender, Tour de France and fields of sunflowers. Mini-Lili had her papa pose NezNez in one of those sunflower fields. A trip to France is not complete, for our family, without the "stop the car and take a picture of the sunflower" pit stop.This is her entry for yellow.

One has to experience a sunset in southern France to truly appreciate the colours of the sky. The sky starts with blue, which Mini-Lili capture when she placed Daisy, Pinkie, NezNez and Rocker with a bottle orosé wine. The sky then changes to pink, orange, lavender and finally to black with the twinkling of the stars. Those photos might be in the next Capture the Colours contest! 

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