Monday, August 26, 2013

Mini-Lili's Capture the Colour #CTC13 Entry (her version)

Mini-Lili has some special stuffies that travel with her on all the trips to France. In the picture for grey, she placed them on the railing of the hotel in Paris. From L to R: Ginou, NezNez, Rocker and Pinkie. She liked the way the railing and the brown stuffies stood out against the grey of the roof and the grey, cloudy sky in the background.

For pink, Mini-Lili chose her new stuffie Daisy on the Vespa in Paris. A tweeter friend @MarlowMoo gave it to her just before the trip to France. Mini-Lili's favourite colour is pink and after seeing this moped, Mini-Lili announced she wanted one. 

What trip to France is complete without the picture of a 2010 Bordeaux decanting. Mini-Lili posed Daisy with the decanter and took the picture at sunset. The wine took on a dark purple colour. Daisy does look a little glassy eyed but did not part take in any wine consumption. This photo was taken in Saussignac, a small village located in the Dordgne region. 

 Mini-Lili posed NezNez and Rocker with this sleeping cat in the village of Brantome, one of my favourite places in France. The cat was sitting on a table in a small cafe just off the market square. Mini-Lili named the cat Noir and this is her entry for black. Noir did not wake up for the photo.

We went to Arcachon for Bastille Day. It is located west of Bordeaux, on the Atlantic Coast. Here, Mini-Lili played for hours on the beach, collecting shells, making sand castles and surfing in the waves. She loves to collect shells and rocks from her travels and these were added to her collection. This is her entry for gold.

*Please note that all the photos were taken by Mini-Lili and picked for this special "Her version of Capture the Colour Contest" (and note that colour is spelled with a U since she is Canadian).

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