Sunday, August 25, 2013

The dance of the #Blue #dragonflies in southern #France

In one of my previous "Capture the Color" blogs, I wrote about the uninvited guest that appeared on our red insulated food bag at a picnic. Well, at another picnic, we were treated to "a dance of love" performed by 2 dragonflies. One of which was blue. The color of this entry.

La libellule, in French, is our friend since it eats mosquitoes. As we spread out our picnic blanket and unpacked our basket, we noticed 2 dragonflies chasing one another in circles on the river. This went on for the entire baguette and local cheese, topped with sliced tomatoes and roasted chicken lunch we had just purchased from the market.

The dragonflies had just come to a brief stop on this branch. It was like they were poising for the picture because as soon I took the shot, they were off again. It is those simple but special moments that I love while picnicking in France.

Happy picnicking! 

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