Sunday, August 25, 2013

#Yellow #sunflower fields in southern #France

When I first see a field of sunflowers, tournesol in French, I know I have arrived in southern France. 

Sunflowers seeds were brought from the Americas to Europe in the 16 century. Every part of the flower is used- the seeds for oil, leaves are cattle feed and the fibre from the stem for paper production.

Fields of sunflowers all have different personalities. Some are short with their droopy heads, some are tall with small little heads, others are medium height with medium heads and then there is the field that makes you stop your car and get out to take a picture. Sunflowers can grow anywhere from 5- 12 feet tall. The flowers petals within the cluster grow in a spiral pattern. There are 34 spirals in one direction and 55 in the other direction. When you are in the middle of the field of 12 foot tall sunflowers it makes you realize how amazing these flowers are.

I didn't know I had captured 2 bees when I took this picture. I can only imagine how delicious their sunflower honey will taste on a freshly baked baguette purchased from the boulangerie just down the road. 

Next time you are in France, make sure you stop to smell the roses... or take a picture of a sunflower.

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